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Foot Pain

Foot pain along the arch and near the toes is quite common for those who spend any amount of time on their feet. Along with other causes, both high arches and flat feet can lead to foot pain and its related problems. Although they may offer temporary relief, the shoe inserts sold in most drug stores will do little to offer permanent solutions to bone and ligament issues causing discomfort in your feet.

Ideal Feet will evaluate the pressure exerted on each part of your foot and conduct a detailed evaluation of the biomechanics involved to precisely diagnose the source of your foot pain so that we can treat the cause and not just the symptoms of your discomfort. With proper evaluation and carefully crafted orthotic inserts, the stretched ligaments, misaligned bones and compressed joints can be comfortably supported and you can achieve relief from your foot pain.

good feet store tulsa, ok

Heel Pain

Heel pain is another common complaint due to both the nerves and ligaments that stretch under this area as well as the growth of bone spurs. Heel pain can be associated with plantar fasciitis, a painful condition caused by the inflation and micro-tearing of the ligaments that run under the foot. Causing extreme extreme discomfort to walk, plantar fasciitis can be effectively treated through a properly designed arch support such as those provided by Ideal Feet.

Bones spurs are another common heel ailment and are associated with Achilles tendonitis. Though in some extreme cases a doctor may recommend surgery for bone spurs, most often these can be treated with orthotic shoe inserts designed by Ideal Feet that relieve the pressure points and take the pressure off affected connective tissues; bone spurs can even be prevented with the correct shoes and with specially design heel inserts.

good feet store tulsa, ok

Back Pain

Many people wouldn’t immediately associate knee or back pain with feet, but it is in fact one of the most common causes of both. The body is a chain of related systems, and bones and ligaments out of alignment in the feet have an impact on the position and balance of the back. Adjusting for foot imbalances causes pressure on delicate areas of the back and can lead to hernias and vertebral damage if not corrected.

If you suffer from back pain, Ideal Feet will evaluate the biomechanics of your feet and recommend a choice of shoes and shoe inserts than put you back into alignment and remove any pressure points causing pinched nerves or over-worked muscles in your spine.


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Ideal Feet Tulsa, Ok

Ideal Feet is a foot health specialty center that offers evaluations by experienced professionals trained in foot mechanics who know how to correct alignment issues. Why waste your time seeing expensive doctors who can provide a medical diagnosis, such as bone spurs or plantar fasciitis, without being able to correct the biomechanics that causes the problem in the first place? Most problems with the feet can be corrected by an expert evaluation and well-designed orthotic supports combined with the right shoes. Although we are not medical doctors, the great majority of foot problems are treated by properly evaluating and supporting the structures of the foot without the need for medical intervention.

Visit our office for a free consultation and our foot care experts will discuss the specifics of your foot pain before taking an imprint to determine which areas of your feet need additional support to alleviate pain. There is no charge for this evaluation and after we determine your specific needs for proper foot support based on your life style and shoe preferences, we can offer options to provide custom-made orthotic inserts and specialty shoes that fit your personal needs. We offering financing options that include available discounts and price matching for reputable competitors.

At Ideal Feet, we want out customers to walk away satisfied and above all, pain free because for us, we don’t want just good enough foot health, but Ideal feet.

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